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**coming soon** a new website!

Check out the preview here: – though it is still glitchy – so if it’s not working when you try, try again a couple hours later. :)

<<queers working – under construction – hee hee>>

After I get the kinks worked out, it’ll be the site you’ll find at, but it’s a big project!

But I’m super excited about it! I used weebly (as per Emmett Ramstad’s recommendation), which means it’s a little more cookie-cutter, but it’s also a lot cleaner than I could code by hand. I love my old website – I wrote that sucker from the bottom up – every fucking line of code!! But it’s also not as dreamy as I want it to be. So I’m trying this out.

Feel free to tell me what you think, devoted audience.

Also, I’m going to keep the old website at, and since I’ll be making a new blog, this one will be at the archive as well. Just fyi.


Come see Where Do We Go From Here? work-in-progress showings

Upcoming Shows

Come see my work-in-progress!

I’m hard at work on Where Do We Go From Here?, and I want you to come see what I’ve been doing!

There are 2 upcoming opportunities to see the work-in-progress:

Open Studios in the Dow Building

November 14th & 15th

Come visit Studio 202, the new studio and gallery space of myself and Emmett Ramstad. We will both be showing new works and works-in-progress.

Friday November 14th 6-10pm and Saturday November 15th 12-6pm

Dow Building
2242 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55114

((@ the corner of University and Hampden Ave.))

SOOVAC Untitled 11

November 15-December 28

For the SOOVAC’s Untitled 11 exhibition, I am showing a ten-minute video excerpt of the work.

November 15-December 28, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, November 15 from 6-9pm

Gallery hours are Wed 11-5pm,
Thurs-Friday 11-7pm,
and Sat-Sun 11-4pm.

Soo Visual Arts Center
2638 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

still from Where Do We Go From Here

more animations and autumn photos!

Where Do We Go From Here? **progress update**

I’ve been working away for 6 months on this project ((WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?)), and I have 6 more months of the grant to go. Will I be finished in 6 months? Likely not 100% completely fully done. But possibly for this rendition of it. The longterm plan is to show whatever version the work is in around January 2015 at my studio, then hopefully get it into a gallery or something like that (once summer rolls around again – heeey underpasses and brick buildings, flood walls and those sound barriers along the freeway!) to show a more “completed” version.

In the meantime, I am slogging away. Been a little slow on the social calendar end of things – so forgive me if I’ve left you hanging. I feel like Sisyphus, looking up the big hill, and it’s overwhelming thinking of how to squeeze all the work I have left to do into all the time I have left to do it. Feel me?

But what I have been doing is trying out some new stuff in my studio. Including the gem below where I tried chroma-keying out the background of the animated part with ~*some*~ success. Hmmm… Still not sure if I like the ghostly quality or not.

Check out my compiled excerpts below. Send words of encouragement or critique this-a-way. Your thoughts are genuinely appreciated. And if you’d like to schedule a studio visit to come check it out in person and/or if you want to talk about what it’s gonna look like here in 150 years – hit me up! TXT 3 1 4 3 0 8 3 9 8 5 or e ma il me at kelley at kelleymeister dot com.

Artist Statement

My interest in place is born of having no solid home – throughout my youth, my family relocated numerous times from coast to coast and throughout the Midwest. As a result, I have never been able to determine where I am actually “from.” During 2012, I worked at the Minnesota State Capitol as an historical interpreter, and while there, I learned more about Minnesota history than I had ever before been able to retain about any other place. That immersive year suddenly gave me a way of looking at this place, a lens of history with which to understand the present.

My current body of work explores the possibilities of what our planet, and more specifically Minnesota’s Mississippi River Valley, will look like over the next 150 years. Using scientific research and historical analysis, I am developing a multi-channel video installation that combines hand-drawn animations, high-definition video footage of the Minnesota landscape, and field recordings to paint a picture of what may come.

The Mississippi River Valley is a place of rich and stirring juxtapositions. At the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, sacred Dakota sites such as Mni Owe Sni – Coldwater Springs – stand alongside the nearly two-century-old Fort Snelling and the contemporary landmark of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Many places along its shores are still relatively wild, yet the river also serves as the location of two nuclear power plants and the largest coal-burning power plant in the state. Commercial and recreational vessels travel up and down stream, and fancy homes line its bluffs. I have immersed myself in the landscape of the river by gathering film footage of the summer storms rolling through, capturing the sounds of dripping spring thaw, and taking still images of the Mississippi River Valley’s ever-changing waters. I have also spent time digging into the accumulating research on what the future holds, reading books about the Anthropocene, how humans have impacted the planet over time, and how the Industrial Revolution was the catalyst for much of the changes we see now.

Using HD video, I am capturing footage along the river and around Minnesota to represent the present. With paintings as backgrounds enlivened by animated drawings, I am looking towards the future. Combining these elements together, I am making guesses about where we are headed. Within the installation, audience members will be invited to make their own guesses through manipulation of the imagery via touch-screen interactivity. Will the waters rise? Will the invasive species proliferate? Will the endangered survive? And what might be the ramifications of all this change?

Kelley Meister is a fiscal year 2014 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.


The first half of the month was endless sunny days, and the second half was rolling thunderstorms. Both completely enjoyable. I feel truly grateful to have had this opportunity – to take a break from life, from $jobs$, from alarm clocks, from cooking dinners, from the city, and from major responsibilities beyond taking care of myself and making art. This is my third residency, and it was by far the most productive, inspiring, and fun one thus far. Part of it was the luck of having a really excellent group of people as co-residents – sharing a big house and kitchen is just a lot more enjoyable when you like all the people you share it with. It’s kind of a fish bowl – plus you never know who will be there with you, as that is dependent on those who read your applications. I really lucked out because the most wonderful and amazing artist AriCoco was my next door neighbor (in home and in the studios)! Dream-team!

In terms of my art, I took 938 photos (there’s still 12 hours left, so I’m hoping to hit 1K!), 25 movies, and made 22 different animation tests (most of which can be found here or just look back through my blog posts). I painted a 20 foot long gouache/watercolor painting, drew a couple hundred animals (rabbits, bears, squirrels, coyote, foxes, bats, and mosquitoes) with both my left and right hands, made 3 potholders and 5 shrinky-dinks, and gave myself one very tiny tattoo!

I rode my bicycle so many miles on the Cannon Valley Trail, enjoyed scenic walks and hikes around Red Wing, and spent much time just sitting outside (or in the huge screened-in porch) watching the chipmunks/gophers run around and the monarchs flutter. While there was a dearth of swimming this month, I did spend much time near the Mississippi and Cannon Rivers. I spent several evenings climbing the 76 steps up to the top of the water tower to take photos of the clouds rolling over the ridges and the sun setting behind them.

I am feeling big feelings of sadness as I pack up my studio and say good-bye to this wonderful place. But I know I will be back – there’s still much left in this area to record for my project, not to mention coming back to say hello to all the folks I’ve met here at the Anderson Center.

And yes, that is the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Generator on the horizon – hashtagFULLCIRCLE. In other news – I spent an hour at the Goodhue County Historical Society yesterday reading up on the Prairie Island Nuclear Power Generator. I learned a lot of really interesting things, but my favorite story I found was about all the protests in the early 90s against storing radioactive waste onsite (which the plant did end up doing – and still does FYI), like the one in August 1992 that was “sponsored by the Minnesota Green’s conference, the Twin Cities Anarchist Federation, the Prairie Island Coalition against Nuclear Storage and other groups, met on the West Bank at Murphy Square and proceeded to NSP headquarters to protest what they called, ‘NSP’s rascist attempt to store radioactive waste at Prairie Island.’”

Btw – in case anyone is curious – we here in the Twin Cities are in the “Ingestion Pathway Zone…a 50 mile radius in which people may be exposed to radiation through contaminated food, milk, and water” for TWO different nuclear plants! AWESOME! hashtagbuylocalexceptafternucleardisaster

((special thanks to Aricoco for taking photos of all the documents we found – hooray 4 friends with smart phones!!))

***********BTWs – if anyone knows anyone who was involved in those protests against PINGP in the 90s or earlier – please put me in touch with them! I’d love to talk and get more information about it for future projects!*************


Turns out, I have more to show in this final week than I thought! *This* is actually my penultimate post. Please see the fruits of my labor below. They are animations I have already posted, but I’ve added some video/photos behind and in a few, some audio recordings, all in post. Trying to understand what I can do in real time and what I need to do in editing software. Feeling really excited about all these experiments and where I am headed the next few months!


Some more experiments: one week remaining, and I feel like I have so much left to do. Things are starting to fall into place; understanding what I’m looking for; articulating what I’m doing.

This first video is most interesting if you turn the sound off (it’s a loud combination of the wind/traffic white noise of the projected video with neko case and moe/i talking in the background) and if you scrub/scroll through it quickly to see the clouds transverse the screen.

Another animation, this time with some photos of water. Not sure if I like it, but mostly the diminished quality of the photos from putting them into SAM is more what I’m not digging. Time to start thinking seriously about purchasing Dragon Frame!

And again, with this one, I recommend turning the sound off. It’s some random Rihanna song from the youtube mix I was listening to late at night in the studio. Midnight pop songs!